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Archive for the ‘Culture’ Category

Jhulelal-Bera-Hee-Paar: The Story of Jhulelal, Patron Saint of the Sindhis

By • Dec 29th, 2009

Disclaimer: The authors bear no responsibility for any offensive material. Although few descriptions have been exaggerated, the content and dialogue has been researched from various reliable sources. Suppose you are at a party with your non-Sindhi friends in Brazil, London, Bangalore, or New York and your very-Sindhi parents call at the stroke of midnight to […]

Zindagi Hik Natak : Sindhi Films Back in Action

By • Sep 22nd, 2009

Sindhi cinema may seem like an alien industry, but it does in fact exist. Believe it or not, there has even been a remake of the legendary Sholay in Sindhi. However, more recently the virtually dying industry has been challenged by native filmmakers who believe that there is some ray of hope for Sindhi movies […]

The Sects of Sind

By • Jan 29th, 2009

By Popati Hiranandani Sind has always been in the distant corner of India (now Pakistan); hence Indians don’t know much about it. Iran attacked Sind many times, but was defeated. At that time, Sind was called Hind because the Iranians could not pronounce ‘Sa’ for Sind! Those days, Hindu kings ruled Sind. The capital of […]