Hello beautiful souls! It’s another issue and yet another topic to discuss. I was racking my brains to get inspired to write. It’s weird – there are times where I can sit and write eight to nine pages in a blink of an eye and yet there are times when putting down words to complete even a single page can be as arduous of a task as pulling out teeth! What is this thing called ‘inspiration’ that gets our juices flowing eh? Well the dictionary defines it as “an inspiring or animating action or influence; something inspired, as an idea; the drawing of air into the lungs; inhalation.”

Right. Well that makes sense. Basically an act as simple as BREATHING in can be ‘inspiring’! It is true – ask a person who’s lungs are collapsing how ‘inspiring’ a breath of fresh air can be! It can make the difference between life and death. Yet, we take it for granted. We get so jaded at times with life around us that we have to search for inspiration. We claim that the things we do everyday just don’t inspire us anymore. Life becomes a drag. Nothing is ‘fresh and new’. The monotony of daily living creeps in and dulls our senses. We sit around and wonder to ourselves – ‘Is this it? Isn’t there anything more to life? I gotta do THIS for how many more years?!’

Wow even writing that down got me into a state of mind for a moment of feeling the worlds weight on my shoulders and this sense of dullness. Imagine living that day in and day out! * shudder* So how come there are people living their lives dragging their feet about as if weighed down with a ball and chain and others that seem to be floating on this magical cloud with angelic smiles on their faces as if they know a secret you don’t know! Do they??? Perhaps. Or perhaps they just realize the ‘magic’ of a simple breath which keeps them in a constant state of ‘inspiration’! Hmm…..

By Dina Sabnani