The road to attracting and achieving our desires is not always a smooth one. Sometimes we suffer a few obstacles on the path and earn our desire. These obstacles can be painful and scarring ones and at that moment we are unable to comprehend how these tragedies help us to attain that which we desire. The truth is when we set the law of attraction in motion, we aren’t fully aware of the schematics the Universe has laid out in order for us to achieve our goal. Sometimes we must travel down the road less trodden and we unwittingly learn and grow over the journey. This is where implicit faith comes in to play. Faith that there is a bigger picture, a greater plan and during the darkest moments is when we stay strong, positive and focus on our desires and achieving them. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, so do we prevail through adversity and arrive at our destination, the achievement of our desire.

There is a story about a Zen Master and a boy who on his 14th birthday receives a horse as a gift. The villagers are happy for the boy and are heard saying,

‘How wonderful the boy got a horse.’

The Zen Master simply responds,

‘We’ll see…’

Some time later the boy takes a spill off the horse and breaks his leg. The villagers are saddened for the boy and are heard saying,

‘How terrible!’

The Zen Master once again simply responds,

‘We’ll see…’

Soon after a war breaks out and all the young men from the village are recruited and forced to fight in the war. The only boy that isn’t recruited is the one with the broken leg. At this point the villagers are heard saying,

‘How wonderful!’

The Zen Master simply responds,

‘We’ll see.’

The fact is we don’t always see the Universes grand scheme but we have to believe there is one. To illustrate this point let me share a real life example…