There are many of us in the world who are unaware that our rich cultural Sindhi heritage is slowly being replaced by the plethora of local languages and customs from the countries we now reside. Though we have been raised in so many different corners of the world, we are still able to share a strong connection with one another. With today’s changing times and fast-paced world, it’s imperative that we maintain this connection to one another and our culture for the sake of letting our rich heritage thrive on for future generations.

Beyond Sindh magazine is a quarterly magazine focused on helping Sindhis born post-Partition to comprehend deeply the values and richness of our culture, thus maintaining the connection to our heritage at It profiles global Sindhi achievers, informs us of community happenings, and keeps us up-to-date on various spirituality, travel, and fashion trends. Most importantly of all, this magazine serves as a forum to articulate ourselves through various modes of creative expression, ensuing in a multi­cultural fusion of our inherently Sindhi voices.

Beyond Sindh magazine reaches Sindhi male and female readers who are students, working professionals, enterprising individuals, and young parents from Hong Kong and all over the world. These are the people of today who play a critical role in tomorrow’s revival and maintenance of our Sindhi history and culture.  In addition, we have noticed an increased readership among the elder Sindhi parents and grandparents worldwide over the past few years.

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What we offer to our advertisers is a chance to have an impact on our readership; people who are eager to find out the latest products and services available to them. Our copies are easily picked up in Hong Kong and read internationally through subscriptions and distribution. With a readership of approximately seven ‘pass-along’ readers per single copy, Beyond Sindh magazine circulates to over five thousand Sindhis in more than 30 countries. The numbers will only grow with each passing quarter.

We personally invite you to live in our pages, advertise in Beyond Sindh magazine, and be a part of something remarkable. To tempt you even more, we boast reasonably-priced advertising space, priced to be even more attractive to our advertisers. BSM provides a cost-effective way for advertisers to promote products and services to a targeted market efficiently and help you realize your  marketing goals.

Thank you for your time and we sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Beyond Sindh magazine

Advertising Department