We accept submissions in all genres and styles to make this magazine thrive. Please look below for content guidelines as to how and what you can contribute. Please e-mail all submissions with its specific genre [see below] in the Subject heading to : & Alternatively, you may post to our office address and if it is published in Beyond Sindh magazine, we will not return your submissions so kindly do not send originals.

• Pictures:

Any pictures from the following categories: Sindhi group gatherings (can be multi-cultural too) at weddings, festivals, parties etc.; costume parties; small children; married couples, family dinners and others. Please feel free to send up to five pictures (per person) to the following address:  Make sure they are clear, high resolution, and in JPEG format.

• “It’s Your Mag” Section:

We welcome any contributions you want to make in the fields of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photography, and creative art. All word documents are required to have your full name, age, country of location, and a word count at the top left corner. Your work will be reviewed by the Editorial board and if your work is chosen, it will be published in an upcoming issue of Beyond Sindh magazine.

• Bailiwick Articles:

If you would like to submit articles in your area of expertise (that you have been educated in) i.e Finance, Dentistry, Psychology, Info Technology and so on, you are more than welcome to.

1. Nonfiction:

Personal accounts of living in a Sindhi Society; childhood memories about favorite festivals or favorite people; a special occasion (or incident) that changed you; travel stories of memorable places; lessons to share about losing a good friend or family member; college or high school papers that are interesting and well-written; marriage, society, spirituality, and basically anything you want to pen down and share with fellow Sindhis. Each entry should be 850-1500 words max.

2. Fiction:

Short stories can be about anything of your choice but have to have a point to it. Length can be anywhere between 900-1800 words max.

3. Poetry:

Poems can be about anything and everything. But length should not be longer than 50 lines each. They will be reviewed by the editorial board and you will be notified if & when we decide to publish your piece.

4. Creative Photography:

Black & white photographs and/or color photographs of any subject can be submitted if original and exceptional. Pictures should be clear, high resolution and in JPEG format.

5. Creative Art:

All forms of creative art in fields of graphic and art design, drawings, paintings, etc are welcome.

• Agony Questions:

Have any questions on problems concerning love, life, parents, society, and anything else? Don’t worry, Nicky & Neetu will try to help you. If your questions have been chosen, they will be answered in the upcoming issue. However due to excess mail, Beyond Sindh regrets that they cannot answer each and every question. For absolute anonymity, go to the Contact Us page and submit your questions.

Acceptance Notice

Writers, Artists and Contributors should not assume automatic acceptance of their works and photographs for publication until they have received confirmation from the Beyond Sindh editorial committee. Articles accepted for publication will be edited for clarity and word count. Once accepted, articles and works will be under Copyright policy of Beyond Sindh magazine.

We will not share your creative work or personal information with any third-party individual or organization.