About a month ago, while in Miami, I was up at night surfing the net when I came across a car for sale. It was a classic 1978 MGB (classic is the nice way of saying old and rusted). The car was in running condition, which is more than one can ask for in car that is 31 years old. I shipped the car down to Belize and here is how the story goes.

Within a week of getting the car in Belize the cooling system was giving trouble. I managed to sort out that problem and before you know it the battery died. After I changed that, the fuel pump gave way. As soon as that was repaired the alternator decided to join the club of “Car Parts That Are Useless To Me”. During this time I joined an online forum dedicated to MG cars. The following is a post that was published about a week ago.

As previous posts have brought to your attention, I’ve been having major issues with my MGB. First the cooling system, then the fuel pump and this week the alternator, so it might come as a bit of a surprise that I have time to notice that the car does not come with a cup holder.

Earlier today I finally got the car back to working condition and was taking it out for a nice evening drive. I stopped off at a street vendor where I devoured some tacos and exchanged pleasantries with a young latin girl who was curious about the car. Upon finishing up I proceeded back to my car with half a bottle of Coke. I sat down put the key in the ignition and was looking to place the bottle down in a secure place when I realized there just wasn’t any place to do that. I lifted up the center console and wedged the bottle in there, using the tension to hold it in place.

Upon the drive home I contemplated as to where can you fit a cupholder in this already tiny car? Then it dawned on me, I have the perfect cup holder for this car…

By Ajay Hotchandani